Spotlight Athlete

Peter Ullrich

Senior at Marquette High School

When/Why began rowing:

My parents brought me to watch the River Challenge one year because they have friends in the masters program, and after watching the regatta I thought it was such a cool sport that seemed very appealing.

Favorite workout:

This might sound crazy, but I love the Pumpkin Pain Train (4k erg, 2 mile run, 10 hills). It's definitely not easy but it was just a really competitive overall fitness test that was really rewarding.

Future plans:

I'm attending UW-Madison next year, and still deciding if I am going to try to walk on to the team. 

Favorite aspect of rowing:

When you can get that perfect unison among everyone in the boat, there's nothing better. 

Favorite rowing season & why:

I love summer because when we are finishing a 3 hour practice, most people are just waking up, so the whole day feels really fulfilled. Also the regattas are pretty casual and fun to be a part of. 

What motivates you to work hard?

It's always the guys who are the team that push me the hardest. I wouldn't be half the rower I am today without my teammates.

Favorite race & why:

It would be a little cliche to say Head of the Charles, so I'll go with Midwest championships. It's just riled

Interests/hobbies outside of practice:  

Skiing (downhill and cross country), playing instruments (guitar, ukulele, harmonica), and sports.

Proudest accomplishment in your life so far:

When it comes to rowing, it was FOR SURE making the 4+ at HOCR. It was basically 3 weeks of intense competition between the three ports, and I was very humbled to be finally chosen to be in the boat. Big shoutout to Spencer Gaseoweriwuoieski and Tommy Ferrara for pushing me in those crazy few weeks. 

Who is your role model & why:

After reading Boys in the Boat, Joe Rantz has been so inspirational and motivational in my efforts to improve as a rower because of all the hardships he went through to make the olympic gold medal boat in 1936. 

Interesting fact about yourself:

I love lamps

Favorite quote:

I love lamp -Brick Tamland