About Us

The Milwaukee Rowing Club Junior Program is a nationally competitive club rowing program open to students from schools throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area. We offer rowing opportunities for both high school and middle school students.

Goals & Strategy


To instill the Olympic ideals of sport, teamwork and fair competition; and to teach the skills of the sport of rowing.


The Milwaukee Rowing Club Junior Crew is open to all boys and girls who are willing to undertake rigorous physical training, willing to cooperate to perform all of the necessary operational tasks of competitive rowing; and willing to treat others whom they encounter with patience, generosity of spirit, and goodwill. The Milwaukee Rowing Club Junior Program strives to develop each athlete with training and supervision that encourages each individual's technical and physical progress and recognizes and reinforces each rower's dignity.

High School Program

The Milwaukee Rowing Club Juniors high school program is open to all high school aged students. This is a nationally competitive program, with emphasis on rigorous training and competition, in a safe environment.  Over the course of a year, the team travels and competes in 10-12 races held around the country.

Middle School Program

The Milwaukee Rowing Club middle school program is for 6th through 8th grade students. The focus of the team is on basic rowing technique, skills, and terms. Middle school rowers do not travel to races, however they will have opportunity to scrimmage against the high school team and improve their overall fitness.

Getting Started

New high school and middle school rowers must take a Learn-To-Row class. The classes take place during the summer months and teach all of the fundamentals about rowing.  See LTR Information for more info and to sign up