Greater Chicago Junior Rowing Championships

The MRC Juniors will compete at the Greater Chicago Junior Rowing Championships, held this Saturday in Crystal Lake, IL. Milwaukee will be up against some of the best teams from Chicago and surrounding areas. Saturday's field will include Camp Randall, New Trier, Loyola Academy, St. Ignatius, and several other teams. Families are encouraged to come support the team. Please refer to the race website for more information.

Location: Crystal Lake in Crystal Lake, IL
The regatta will take place at Main Beach. There is not an address for the Main Beach building, however you can click here to see where the venue is located. Note: Dogs are not allowed.

The 1850 meter course is six lanes wide with buoys on the outside of lanes 1 and 6. Buoys will be at the first 100 meters and every 250 meters, as well as the starting and finishing lines. Rowing will be from west to east, finishing in front of the Main Beach Building. Bring binoculars to better see races as they come down the course. Races essentially come straight towards the viewing area.

The racing schedule has yet to be posted. The coxswains meeting is set for 8:00 AM. All athletes will be expected to arrive early Saturday morning to unload the trailer and prepare our equipment for racing.

Lineups along with the final itinerary coming soon!