Help Support the MRC Juniors


The Milwaukee Rowing Club Juniors have a strong, consistent member base with recent increased performance and competitive opportunities. On a yearly basis, we are in need of replacing and adding to our fleet of racing shells and other equipment. Our annual membership and seasonal fees cover operational costs.  However, obtaining new equipment requires additional resources. This is where we appreciate and rely on our donors.  


The Milwaukee Rowing Club uses world class equipment to allow our rowers the opportunity to compete at the highest level possible. This equipment is continuously maintained to keep it in top working shape. However, all equipment has a finite lifetime and will be in need of replacement after enough years. This includes racing shells, oars, rowing machines, weight equipment, and launches. Donations by our generous members, extended family, and club friends help keep the Juniors equipment fleet up to speed!


The Milwaukee Rowing Club is committed to ensuring no youth athlete is turned away because they can’t afford the fees necessary to participate. Each year, we award financial aid in order to give additional student athletes the opportunity to be a member of our program. Your donations make our Financial Aid possible.


Since the Fall of 2016, the Milwaukee Rowing Club has made an effort to make rowing opportunities available to Milwaukee Public School students. Through this Outreach Effort our program seeks to break down any barriers which would keep a student from participating with our program. In addition to a need for financial assistance, transportation and swimming are two major barriers. Through our program, students are picked up from their homes and taken to the local YMCA for swimming lessons before being transported to our rowing facility for practice. After practice the students are returned home. These athletes are a part of our regular schedule and practice with all our team members. Through our donors we are able to continue to provide students with this opportunity.


The Milwaukee Rowing Club is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and acknowledgement letters will be sent to donors for tax purposes. Your contribution will remain confidential. You may give to the Milwaukee Rowing Club via the following methods:

  • via the online Ronin link below
  • mail a check made out to the Milwaukee Rowing Club, 400 E Wisconsin Ave, Suite #205, Milwaukee, WI 53202 Attn: Joe Cincotta

To Make Other Financial Contributions or If You Have Any Questions

Please contact Joe Cincotta at


Some of our more immediate equipment needs have been discussed and reviewed in detail. These are the items we currently need in order of priority:

  • One new 4+ for the Girls team – $14,000
  • One new 4+ for the Boys team – $14,000
  • Two new sets of 8 oars - $7000
  • New ergs to add to our existing indoor rowing machines – $900 each
  • A new five rack trailer for hauling shells to regattas. –  $24,000
  • Refurbishing current shells - $2500 each

Thank you for your contribution and support of the Milwaukee Rowing Club!