I’ve never rowed before. Can I still join?

Yes. Our Learn-to-Row program is designed for someone with no experience or knowledge about rowing. If our learn to row sessions do not fit your schedule, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff to see how we can get you involved with our club.

Do coxswains participate in the Learn to Row program?

To those interested in becoming a coxswain (the athlete who steers the boat, gives direction, and executes practice plans) must take a Learn-to-Row class. Once you understand the basics of rowing, you will receive coxswain specific coaching.

What should I wear?

All participants will be given a high visibility (“hi-vis”) shirt on the first day of the class. The Milwaukee Rowing Club's policy is that all rowers must wear a “hi-vis” shirt. Participants are free to purchase their own, but one shirt is included in the registration cost.

Shorts should be snug fitting and should not have pockets. Otherwise the shorts may get caught in the tracks in the boat that the seat rolls on. Shorts should not go past your knees. Compression shorts or spandex shorts are recommended but not required. When you join the team, you can purchase rowing specific shorts (aka “trou”).

All participants should wear running shoes to each practice.

What should I bring?

Water bottle, snack (refrigerator not available), sunscreen, sun glasses and/or hat.

What does a typical Learn to Row session entail?

Early in the week, the focus is on rowing concepts and fundamentals. Everyone starts on land on rowing machines. As the week progresses, the rowers advance to rowing on the water and honing their skills. In addition to the physical aspect of rowing, time will be spent discussing the different facets of the sport, including training methods, rigging, collegiate rowing, and competition.

What happens if it rains?

We are serious about safety and strictly adhere to the safety regulations established by our sport’s governing body, the United States Rowing Association. We row rain or shine, as long as there is no danger of lightning and the wind speed is under 20 mph. If storms do occur, the practice can easily move indoors at the boathouse for continued training on ergs.

Can my parents come and watch?

Absolutely. The boathouse and adjoining Riverwalk is great for spectators and there is plenty of space for your parents to find a spot and watch the classes.  We just ask that they stay out of the way and avoid distracting the group.

How does my son/daughter join the MRC Juniors teams after the completion of Learn to Row?

Once your child finishes Learn to Row, they are eligible to join the team right away. At the end of the week, a meeting will be held where you will receive information on our program. You will receive an email with this info detailing cost, practice times, and other important information. If you wish for your child to continue onto our competitive team, they should plan to start the following week.

See the "About" page for more information about practice times.

We are also offering an additional week of summer rowing, exclusively for Learn to Row graduates who decide to join the team. This Skills Development Camp is coached by our regular coaching staff and is only for new members. This is great opportunity to get additional coaching before practices resume for all members in the fall.

My son/daughter is eligible to participate in a regatta. What does that mean?

If you are in an earlier session, you are able to race right away! Learn to Row graduates can attend the Chicago Sprints, in Chicago, IL and our race in Milwaukee. At the races, the participants will have the chance to race against other novice rowers who have similar rowing experience. It is a great way to start your rowing career.

All High School Learn to Row grads will be eligible to race in the Fall regattas.

If my son/daughter cannot participate right away, can we still join later on?

Yes. Your son/daughter can join at any time within the next 12 months. After 12 months, they must retake Learn to Row before joining the team.

My son/daughter participates in soccer, football, theater, etc. Can they still be on the team?

Yes. You can choose which seasons to participate in. For example, if your son plays soccer in the fall, he can join the team at the completion of the soccer season.

What are the costs to row with the MRC Juniors?

There are several factors which affect an athlete’s total annual cost of rowing. The number of seasons an athlete competes in is the main factor. Below you will find a breakdown of the costs.

Annual Membership - $415
This must be paid in order to become a member of The Milwaukee Rowing Club for one year. This money covers insurance costs, equipment costs, and other costs incurred by the club. The annual year for a junior rower runs from September to August (school year plus summer).

Seasonal Fees – Varies by season

A typical year for the juniors has four separate seasons; fall, winter, spring, and summer. Seasonal fees are paid by an athlete for each season the athlete participates. These fees cover junior coaching costs, non-traveling regatta costs, and costs to administer junior specific activities. The approximate fees are as follows (for info. purposes and subject to change):

  • Fall: $400

  • Winter: $375

  • Spring: $650

  • Summer: $415

Traveling Regattas – Varies by regatta

The team typically attends three or four traveling regattas per year. These are regattas where the athletes stay at the team hotel and ride on the team bus.  Athletes are expected to participate in all regattas in seasons that they participate in. For 2014, the traveling regattas are:

  • Fall: Head of the Charles, Boston, MA (Select varsity only) - $600

  • Fall: Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga, TN (Select varsity and novice athletes) - $325

  • Spring: Midwest Championships, Cincinnati, OH - $350

  • Spring: Dogwood Junior Rowing Championships - Oak Ridge, TN - $350

Other Costs

There are other incidental costs to participation but these are minimal (i.e. uniform, local regatta travel, etc.)