Participation Fees

There are several factors which affect an athlete’s total annual cost of rowing. The number of seasons an athlete competes in is the main factor. Below you will find a breakdown of the costs.

Annual Membership - $415

This must be paid in order to become a member of The Milwaukee Rowing Club for one year. This money covers insurance costs, equipment costs, and other costs incurred by the club. The annual year for a junior rower runs from September to August (school year plus summer).

Seasonal Fees – Varies by season

A typical year for the juniors has four separate seasons; fall, winter, spring, and summer. Seasonal fees are paid by an athlete for each season the athlete participates. These fees cover junior coaching costs, non-traveling regatta costs, and costs to administer junior specific activities. The approximate fees are as follows (for info. purposes and subject to change):

  • Fall: $450

  • Winter: $400

  • Spring: $650

  • Summer: $420

Traveling Regattas – Varies by regatta

The team typically attends three or four traveling regattas per year. These are regattas where the athletes stay at the team hotel and ride on the team bus.  Athletes are expected to participate in all regattas in seasons that they participate in. For 2015, the traveling regattas are:

  • Fall: Head of the Charles, Boston, MA (Select varsity only) - $600

  • Fall: Head of the Hooch, Chattanooga, TN (Select varsity and novice only) - $385

  • Spring: Midwest Championships, Cincinnati, OH - $350

  • Spring: Dogwood Junior Championship, Oak Ridge, TN (Select athletes only) - $350

Other Costs

There are other incidental costs to participation but these are minimal (i.e. uniform, local regatta travel, etc.)

Financial Aid

The Milwaukee Rowing Club offers need based Financial Aid.  See Financial Aid for more information and to apply.

Payment Plan

If you need more time to pay, or can only pay a little at a time, please contact the Director of Junior Rowing via email to discuss a payment plan.

Family Discount

Families with two or more kids participating in the junior program are eligible for our family discount.  After the first child, all subsequent siblings are 50% off.  This applies to membership and seasonal fees, but not traveling costs.

All children must be participating in the program for the same season to receive the discount.

Use the "2nd Child" option when registering.