Parent Volunteer Information


Looking for our volunteer reimbursement form? Please save your receipts and submit them to Joe Cincotta ( for reimbursement. Fill out, scan, and send this form along with your receipts. We will work to get you reimbursed as soon as possible.

Parent Volunteers

The coach’s’ primary responsibilities at regattas are to oversee the logistics to allow our team to be successful. However our team cannot be successful without parent volunteers coordinating the transportation and nourishment of our athletes. It is mandatory that each family commits to volunteering in at least one regatta each season. Parent volunteers handle the following jobs at every regatta:

  • Oversee and chaperone rower transportation to/from regattas
  • Select, set-up, tear down and oversee rower “tent site” during regattas
  • Plan, purchase and prepare team food for regattas
  • Oversee the clean up and proper storage of team equipment following regattas
  • Inform Parent Steering Committee members about which equipment would be helpful to have at future regattas

Parent Volunteer Positions

Signup Genius Volunteer

This is a parent volunteer who prepares the SignUpGenius for each regatta. Early in the season, this parent acquires the full parent email list from Roger to set up the SignUpGenius mailing list. This parent obtains the list of food items and duties from the Regatta Organizers for each regatta. This parent prepares the detailed SignUpGenius for each regatta and sends it out to all parents.

Regatta Organizer

A volunteer who signs up to be an organizer for a regatta. An organizer does much of the food planning for that race. There are 2-4 organizers for each regatta MRC attends. These organizers determine and prepare the menu for the regatta, prep the storage bins (with necessary items), and provide the list of food items /volunteer duties to SignUpGenius Volunteer to send to all parents. The organizers are also responsible for executing the race day/weekend in the tent area. This includes: food set-up, organization around the tent, upkeep coolers/ice , replenish food items, transition to lunch items, clean-up, etc. See the “Regatta Planning Task List” to review the duties a Regatta Organizer is responsible for. To sign up to be a Regatta Organizer, please fill out the Regatta Organizer Signup Form.


This is a Regatta Organizer for one of our traveling regattas (with a team bus and hotel – i.e. Dogwood Championship, Midwest Championships, Twin Cities Sweeps). In addition to the duties listed under “Regatta Organizer”, they act as a chaperone for the regatta. These parents travel on the team bus and stay at the team hotel to assist the coaching staff in overseeing the athletes.

Regatta Volunteer

Receives an email with a SignUpGenius link. This parent volunteers through Signup Genius and executes the task for which they signed up. These tasks largely include setting up the tent area, helping with food, helping with clean-up, etc. Additionally, volunteers are needed to purchase food items and bring them to the regatta.

Final Note

If you are not signed up for one of the above positions for a regatta, please look for ways to help at the regatta site throughout the day. Help is always welcome and appreciated.

Parent Steering Committee

The Parent Steering Committee was started in 2010. Made up of selected parent representatives from the Juniors team, the MRC President, and the team coaches, the committee was established to be a conduit between the Juniors program and the MRC Board of Directors. During monthly meetings the committee helps coordinate the day-to-day business of the Juniors program including membership enrollment, planning of the various seasons of training and regattas, communications, hiring of coaches, and social events.

All parents and/or legal guardians of currently enrolled Junior rowers are eligible to participate in the Parent Steering Committee. Please consider serving the team and volunteering for the Parent Steering Committee. Contact the Director of Junior Rowing for more information.