Winter Season Recap

On Monday, the MRC Juniors moved practice out of the basement and into the boathouse. The athletes and coaches are excited to be out on the water to continue preparation for the racing season this spring. The head coaches, Peter Helfer (boys) and Roger Huffman (girls), take a moment to reflect on the indoor season below.

Boys Team Recap
Over the years, I noticed that the "energy" of the team follows the weather: as the temperature drops, and the days shorten, the vigor demonstrated by the athletes during practice trends with it.  The winter training plan is deliberately designed to include activities to keep things fresh and provide a periodic spark during the dark, cold months of a Milwaukee winter.

This winter was a little different.

The boy's team moved indoors with an enthusiasm we haven't seen before.  Guys showed up ready to work hard, push themselves, and improve as rowers.  Part of that drive likely stemmed from the superb additions to Fight Club - including squat racks, benches, and additional weights - but mostly it is representative of the passion these guys have for their sport, bettering themselves, and pushing their teammates.

This winter, we made huge strides as a team by not only focusing on brute strength and power on the erg, but also on our cross training, rowing rhythm, and overall mental approach to competition.  We are as well rounded as ever in those disciplines and we look forward to continuing this trend on the water and in our preparation for spring racing!

Girls Team Recap
Each year we approach the winter season striving to build off of our momentum from the fall. While focusing on technique and mental approach, our training plan is shaped to build strength and endurance, increasing as we approach the spring. This winter the girl’s team began with growth in numbers. From the first day, the new athletes gave the team an infusion of energy and enthusiasm. This has translated into great depth throughout the girls team.

As the winter months passed, I could see the team develop a new personality and a passion for what they were achieving each week. Indoors, the girls have been successful in creating a positive atmosphere and improved camaraderie while competing against one another each day. This balance is not easily attained, and it comes from their understanding that they need each other to reach their spring goals.  Each month, I have seen the girls making immense improvements on the erg and in their strength training. From top to bottom, scores are the best they have been in my time here. This comes from their desire to compete each day and it has put them in a great position as we move our practices to the boathouse. I look forward to seeing the girls continue to improve on the water, and I am excited to see what they can accomplish through the spring season!