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Thank you for signing up to be a Regatta Organizer. Please read the brief description of the job below and fill out the form to sign up to be a Regatta Organizer.

Job Description:

A Regatta Organizer does much of the food planning for a race. There are 2-4 organizers for each regatta MRC attends. These organizers determine and prepare the menu for the regatta, prep the storage bins (with necessary items), and provide the list of food items /volunteer duties to SignUpGenius Volunteer to send to all parents. The organizers are also responsible for executing the race day/weekend in the tent area. This includes: food set-up, organization around the tent, upkeep coolers/ice, replenishing food items, transition to lunch items, clean-up, etc. A Chaperone is a Regatta Organizer for one of our traveling regattas (with a team bus and hotel). In addition to the above tasks, these parents travel on the team bus and stay at the team hotel to assist the coaching staff in overseeing the athletes. See the “Regatta Planning Task List” to review the duties a Regatta Organizer is responsible for.

Regatta Organizer Signup

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