Athlete Spotlight

Cole Wirth

Junior, Class of 2016 at Wauwatosa East High School

When/Why began rowing

I began rowing the summer of 2011 before I entered 8th grade.  I played club volleyball for years before I started my rowing career, but I never had the best hand eye I was looking for a different sport.  My brother was already on the team so I did learn to row and soon found that rowing was a sport like no others I had previously known.  After I made it through my first winter season and we got back on the water in spring, I knew I rowing was my new sport.

Favorite workout:

My favorite workout is 2 by Milwaukee River Challenge course against my teammates in 8's.  Starting from behind, catching up to the other boats, and passing them on the strategic points of the course makes for a competitive environment right away.  After that first piece you feel tired and drained of your energy, but then you and your teammates push each other to throw down an even faster piece the second time around.

Favorite rowing season & why

Spring is easily my favorite rowing season.  After spending moths indoors erging there is no better feeling that to start practicing on the water again.  Spring racing brings the fastest competition of any season, and everybody is always pushing to train harder than all the teams we see at Midwest.

What motivates you to work hard?

My motivation to work hard comes from the mindset of wanting to qualify for another national championship. Coach Peter's occasional yelling also gets to you here and there.

Favorite race & why

My favorite races were the series of races at Nationals in Oak Ridge Tennessee in 2013. I was coxing our Men's 4+ and we had no idea what to expect at this level when we lined up at the starting block of our heat. Glancing left and right we were racing teams we had never raced before and we were the underdogs from Milwaukee. We took 3rd in our heat, 1st in our repechage, 2nd in our semi-final, and then 6th overall in the nation.  This race motivates me everyday to get back to this point with my team as a rower now.

Interesting fact about yourself

I broke my right wrist twice and had a blue cast both times.