Athlete Spotlight

Allison Brunner

Senior at Whitefish Bay High School

When/Why began:

I began rowing the summer before sophomore year. A friend wanted to join, so I thought I would too. It sounded fun and something new to do.

Future Plans:

I plan on furthering my rowing career at Indiana University next year! Really excited to represent MRC at the collegiate level with Alli Spencer!

Favorite Race & why:

Midwest Champs because this race is where all of your hard work and progress as an athlete as well as a team get put to the test in the race to get to nationals. Also because the teams we race are the teams that we compete mentally and physically against in fight club during the winter. 

Favorite Season:

My favorite season is without a doubt, spring. The races in the spring are so short, but have the ability to push you to your physical limit. Its awesome to see everyone training hard and getting faster everyday.