Winter 2018-19 Season (High School Team)

December 3, 2018 - February 22, 2019

Monday - Friday, 4:15 - 6:00 PM

Cost: $375


The winter season is a great opportunity for athletes to experience a professionalized rowing specific training regimen. The three month custom training plan is created based on the physiological needs of high school athletes. The winter season allows for the coaches to actively work with each athlete on a more individualized basis. This more personal atmosphere is the basis for accelerated development and understanding of the sport. Training will include a variety of activities including ergometer training, circuits, weights, running, stairs, yoga, balance and medicine ball work.  Athletes also have the opportunity to train in state-of-the-art moving water rowing tanks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on select weekends (coxswains - 50% registration fee assessed).

What to expect:

  • Three months of an individualized training experience

  • Custom five days a week training regimen

  • Long-distance volume training moving towards sprint style work as spring draws closer

  • Safe lifting techniques and proper rowing/ergometer form

  • Running, weight lifting, and other cardio cross training work

  • Important for novice rowers as a way to promote proper form and habits that will lead to greater success in the boat.

  • Very highly recommended for varsity-level athletes that desire to make the top boats during the spring season & those planning to row in college

***Athletes who don’t row in the winter are very strongly encouraged to participant in a rigorous complementary sport such as swimming or cross country skiing!***

Winter Calendar

  • December 3 - beginning of winter season

  • December 24 - January 4 - no formal practice

  • TBD - Fight Club Frenzy - Erg Race - Milwaukee, WI (tentative)

  • February 22 - last practice of winter season

  • Additional tank practice dates coming soon - Madison, WI - Porter Boathouse