Parent Steering Committee

The Parent Steering Committee was started in 2010. Made up of selected parent representatives from the Juniors team, the MRC President, and the team coaches, the committee was established to be a conduit between the Juniors program and the MRC Board of Directors. During monthly meetings the committee helps coordinate the day-to-day business of the Juniors program including membership enrollment, planning of the various seasons of training and regattas, communications, hiring of coaches, and social events.

All parents and/or legal guardians of currently enrolled Junior rowers are eligible to participate in the Parent Steering Committee. Please consider serving the team and volunteering for the Parent Steering Committee. Contact the Director of Junior Rowing for more information.

Regatta Volunteers

The coach’s’ primary responsibilities at regattas are to oversee the logistics to allow our team to be successful. However our team cannot be successful without parent volunteers coordinating the transportation and nourishment of our athletes. Please plan to volunteer for a job at each regatta your child attends. Parent volunteers handle the following jobs at every regatta:

  • Oversee and chaperone rower transportation to/from regattas
  • Select, set-up, tear down and oversee rower “tent site” during regattas
  • Plan, purchase and prepare team food for regattas
  • Oversee the clean up and proper storage of team equipment following regattas
  • Inform Parent Steering Committee members about which equipment would be helpful to have at future regattas

Food and Supplies Coordinators

Food & Beverage Purchase & Transportation

  • Volunteers to purchase team food and ice and transport it to the regatta. Large coolers are stored at the boathouse and can be picked up the week for the regatta.
  • When/Where: Purchase non perishable items in advance and perishables the night before or the day of. Bring to the team tent at the regatta.

Food & Beverage Set-up

  • Volunteers to organize and put out food the morning of the regatta. This includes directing the athletes where to set up the food tables.
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.

Food & Beverage Maintenance

  • Volunteers to check on food/beverages during the day and replenish as needed. Ask athletes to throw wrappers and other spoiled food away.
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.

Food & Beverage Clean-up

  • Volunteers to pack up remaining food at the end of the day and transport back to the boathouse. Clean and wipe down tables.
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.

Supplies Manager

  • Volunteer to transport supplies for team, such as paper plates, paper towels, trash bags, table cloths, and utensils. Supplies must be replenished before being returned to the boathouse one or two days after regatta.
  • When/Where: Pick up supplies several days before regatta. Following regatta, purchase replacement supplies for next regatta.

Food and Supplies Runners

  • Volunteers to run to the store and replenish food and supplies as needed. Must have a car at regatta. Make sure you don’t miss your child’s race!
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.

Tent and Site Coordinators

Tent Set-up

  • Volunteers to select a tent site and oversee that the athlete's set-up our tents properly. The tents are very simple, however the athletes need guidance.
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.

Tent Take-down

  • Volunteers to oversee the athlete's properly take-down our tents, fold them correctly, and bring them to the trailer.
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.

Site Clean-up

  • Volunteers to make sure the athlete's have cleaned up the site and collected their belongings. These parents should bring anything left over to the boathouse that week for the lost and found. Socks left behind should be discarded on site. Dirty socks are never claimed from the lost and found!
  • When/Where: Day of regatta, at site.


Please save your receipts and submit them to the Director of Junior Rowing for reimbursement. Place your receipt in an envelope with your name and mailing address on it. Please plan for two weeks for reimbursement.


On overnight trips, the MRC Juniors needs parent volunteers to travel with the team and help supervise the athletes. The coaches are responsible for transporting all of the equipment, checking into the hotels, and assigning rooms. This leaves little time for the important job of supervising the team!

Chaperoning is a great way to travel. You get free transportation on the team bus (although you need to pay for your own hotel room), and have the opportunity to meet other parents and athletes. One chaperone will be deemed the “Lead Chaperone”. The lead chaperone will work closely with the coaches and other chaperones to oversee the wellbeing of the team. Parents of all rowers are encouraged to chaperone if possible.

Chaperone Responsibilities

When chaperoning any Milwaukee Rowing Club activity, there are certain things for which you will be responsible and certain things for which you will not be responsible. Remember that your role is to help the coaching staff, so defer to the coaches whenever you have a question. In each circumstance, coaches should let you know what they expect of you and when they want you to be available.

General Guidelines

  1. First and foremost, remember that as a chaperone, you are representing the MRC and should act in an appropriate manner. Set an example for those in your charge.
  2. You should feel comfortable ensuring that the athletes are behaving in a manner that the coach deems appropriate; they are representing the MRC and should act accordingly. If you are feeling uncomfortable, talk to a coach.
  3. Any punitive measures for improper activity is the responsibility of the coach. If a coach is not present when an activity occurs that you deem inappropriate, do what you feel is necessary to manage the situation, then report it to the coach and let the coach impose the discipline.
  4. Communicate with the coaches as quickly as possible if you see anything that you feel is out-of-line, or questionable.
  5. Be sure you are accounting for each child under your supervision while traveling (air travel, to and from regattas, etc.)
  6. Once the athletes are in the hands of the coach, you are relieved of your responsibilities.
  7. Chaperones are responsible for bed checks and room checks at a time deemed appropriate by the coaches.
  8. At meals, work with the coach to ensure that the bill is settled fairly and appropriately.
  9. It is permissible to have an alcoholic beverage while chaperoning at a meal, but remember you are responsible for the welfare of those in your charge and you need to be acutely aware of all legal limits. Particularly when driving, you should err on the side of caution and conservative behavior in this regard.
  10. All chaperones and coaches should have working cell phones with them at all times so that they can communicate with each other whenever necessary. Be sure you have the cell phone numbers of the coaches and other chaperones, and that they have yours.

Special Event Volunteers

If you are interested in helping out in any way, we have several opportunities listed below. Contact the Director of Rowing for more information.

Fundraising Activities

The club is involved with various fundraising activities throughout the year. We need volunteers to help coordinate these efforts.

Fall Banquet

The fall banquet marks the end of the fall season. This is a great opportunity to meet new families who have recently joined the club. Volunteers are needed to secure a venue, collect funds, and plan an agenda for the evening.

Summer Scrimmage

Every summer we hold an intersquad scrimmage at our boathouse. This is a good chance for friends, and family to see the results of all of the hard work the rowers put in. We grill out and have food to share on the plaza at the boathouse for after the racing. Volunteers are needed to cook, bring food, and clean up.

End of Summer Party

At the end of each summer, it is time to say goodbye to our seniors and welcome the new LTR graduates into the club. Volunteers are needed help organize the event.